Getting The Tensions Right

“Every business faces the opposing forces of the pull for more growth against the pull for more profitability; the demand to show profit today against the need to invest in the company‚Äôs future; and the call for optimizing the whole against the tendency of individual parts to maximize their own performance. The three performance tensions…

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Weekly Reading: 10 Reasons To Leave Facebook

There’s plenty of reason for genuine concern over internet privacy. Not one of the servers that contains your personal data is completely impregnable if it is connected to the Internet (though certainly some–like your bank’s–are safer than garden variety web sites). It’s not surprising then that Facebook has come in for tremendous criticism for its…

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Security Versus Privacy

CEOs occasionally say things they wish they could take back. Eric Schmidt of Google must have felt that way after causing a firestorm in early December when his comments about privacy came to light. When asked by reporter Maria Bartiromo of CNBC if users should be trusting Google with increasing amounts of personal data he…

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The Women’s Dilemma: Becoming Less Happy?

In our client workshops we focus on helping teams identify their biggest challenges, and redefine tough dilemmas in ways that reveal underlying opportunities. And, often we’ll ask the individuals in a group to discuss their personal dilemmas. While there are dangers in delving into personal issues in a business setting, sharing issues that may be…

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Sun Sets: Fumbling the Open Source Challenge

More than a decade after open source software began acquiring market traction, it still poses difficult questions and dilemmas for IT firms. Initially, it was scoffed at by the software industry, and companies like Sun tried to discredit Linux as unsafe and incomplete, hoping to deter further adoption and defection from their own proprietary offerings.