New Workshop For Leaders And Teams To Launch

Transcend principal Phil Hood and Steve Zlotolow, former associate dean of international and extended studies at San Jose State University, have announced a new Bay Area course that will be available to managers and teams beginning this fall. Change Management and Business Problem Solving: An Integration of Process and Practice updates a program they first delivered in 2006. It’s a condensed workshop providing a solid overview of concepts in change management, decision-making, and problem-solving. Rapid, intuitive tools are introduced that enable leaders to quickly cut to the heart of strategic and organizational challenges. Implementation exercises that enable students to work on their real-world problems and the challenges of executing change management plans are introduced throughout the two-day program. The course will begin this winter at CSU East Bay. Private workshops are also available.

Course Goal
The course provides a model for systematic change with a framework for problem-solving.  It gives participants practice in using tools on their team’s real-world challenges.

Course Overview

For information on other executive courses or consultative workshops, contact Phil Hood.

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