TSG Announces New Critical Thinking Two-Day Workshop Design

Alex Lowy and Transcend Strategy Group have announced a new two-day critical thinking workshop offering. More than ever successful leaders are called upon to combine critical thinking with experience to identify meaningful alternatives, make the best choices and achieve optimum outcomes. However, workplace dynamics and distractions often undermine their effectiveness as problem solvers. Expedience replaces thoughtfulness and agility.

This latest offering is based upon solutions that were researched and published in The Power of the 2 x 2 Matrix (2004) and No Problem (2007). Issues are separated into three logical types: decisions, problems and dilemmas. We have developed powerful and elegant tools to deal with each type in the most effective way. Integrating the research and the toolset with unsolved problems creates an Action-Learning framework that improves critical thinking and ensures deeper understanding, retention and behaviour change. The resulting programs have been taught to countless managers and executives around the world, improving their performance.

“We have used these tools successfully with large and small companies, both in strategy planning and in group training in critical thinking,” says Lowy. “With the recent expansion of our team of seasoned facilitators, we are able to go deeper into training our clients.”

Alex Lowy, Phil Hood and Alan Hutton combine their talents to deliver these applied critical thinking programs using their Action-Learning framework for in-house leadership development.

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