Phil Hood

Phil Hood is a publisher, consultant, author, and teacher living in San Jose California. As the former Chief Executive Officer of Digital 4Sight, he directed a series of research programs that explored the links between emerging technologies and business strategy, and led dozens of strategy workshops with Fortune 500 firms. He is the co-author of The Power of the 2×2 Matrix: Using 2×2 Thinking To Solve Business Problems (with Alex Lowy). He is a Principal at Transcend Strategy Group, and CEO of Enter Music Publishing. Phil has a B.A. in economics and journalism from Pennsylvania State University and is active in a variety of industry and civic groups from neighborhood associations to high-speed rail committees.

Phil has been a speaker at dozens of conferences and events over the years including Comdex, Infocomm, NAB, and others. His writings have appeared in Wired, NewMedia, and a dozen other magazines and journals. He is the recipient of editorial awards including the Emerald Management Award for the article “The Networked Idealists Advantage” (2005).

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