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Alex Lowy

Alex Lowy is an internationally recognized thought-leader specializing in the creation of innovative work, learning and information systems. He is co-founder and past president of Digital 4Sight, a global technology think tank. In 2004 he wrote The Power of the 2 x 2 Matrix (Jossey-Bass) with Phil Hood. His fourth book, No Problem (2007) is a guide to framing personal and business challenges and applying solutions appropriate to the level of the problem. Alex makes his home in Toronto, Ontario. MORE.

e-mail Alex at alex@transcendstrategy.com
Phone: (416) 919-5144

Phil Hood

Phil Hood has long moved between the worlds of media, entertainment and technology. In addition to his role at Transcend Strategy Group and CEO of Enter Music Publishing he serves in a variety of industry and civic groups. Phil lives in San Jose, California. MORE.

e-mail Phil at phil@transcendstrategy.com
Phone: (408) 506-4349


Alan Hutton is an outstanding entrepreneur, executive and consultant. He currently serves on the investment review committees of NexGen Financial & Fiera Capital, the advisory board of Skymeter Corporation and as President of Virtual Corporation. Alan’s career includes stints as Vice Chairman and Executive Director of the Canadian Capital Markets Association (CCMA); Lead Board Director of Cygnal Technologies; President and CEO of FundSERV Inc; and President and CEO of Star Data. Alan is a resident of Toronto, Ontario. MORE.